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  • What are furries?
    Furries are individuals, members of the furry fandom, who are interested in anthropomorphic animals (animals with human-like characteristics).
  • What is a fursona?
    A fursona means “furry persona” - an animal character, usually anthropomorphic, representing a person within the furry community.
  • What kind of people are furries?
    Furries come from all backgrounds, the community is diverse in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and other aspects of identity.
  • What do you do in the furry fandom? What do furries actually do?
    Individuals participate in a variety of activities, creating or sharing artwork or ideas, attending events, and socializing with other furries online or in person. The community exists both virtually and physically.
  • Do furries think they are animals?
    Furries do not believe they are animals but rather have a character, it can be like an alter ego with animal-like features or characteristics or simply a representing character.
  • Are furries related to anime?
    The furry fandom isn’t inherently related to anime; as anime grew more popular, the furry fandom drew inspiration from anime. A lot of members of the furry fandom are also a part of the anime fandom, and there are a lot of cultural traits that overlap in both fandoms.
  • Do all furries have a fursuit?
    Not all furries have fursuits; in fact, fursuiters are a smaller fraction of the communities population.
  • Can I be involved in the furry community if I am not a furry?
    While it is not necessary to be a furry to participate in the community, some community groups do require you to be a furry. If you are not a furry, it would be necessary to respect and understand the values, behaviors, and interests of the furry members and the community as a whole to be involved.
  • I want to get into the furry fandom. Where do I start?
    To get started in the furry fandom, a good place to start would be to participate in online communities, meet with furries in a meetup, and create or brainstorm a fursona if desired.
  • Do I need to have a fursona to be a furry?
    Having a fursona is a common aspect of the furry fandom, but it's not necessary to be a furry. Some members of the community have a species or animal they pick to represent them in the community instead of creating an entire fursona.
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